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Erica and Nicholas - EP. 1

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 1 – Meet the parents

Meet Erica and Nicholas, first time expecting parents living in New Jersey. Erica's family is from Nigeria and Nicholas is from Jamaica. The two met in their dormitory laundry room and have been together ever since. They are 39 weeks...

/ February 10, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 2 – What’s up doc, am I pregnant?

Erica and Nicholas were not planning on getting pregnant. So when she missed her period and noticed that her breasts were more tender than usual, she got herself checked. The doctor forgot to get back to her for 2 whole...

/ February 10, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 3 – Super awesome pregnancy

There are a lot of fears and expectations regarding pregnancy and Erica, like most new moms, was afraid of the challenges that lay ahead. She talks about how with the help of her family and friends and the support of...

/ February 13, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 4 – Our pregnancy announcement didn’t quite work

Both Erica and Nicholas's parents didn't believe them when they announced their pregnancy. And they did it in the most adorable way! Watch as they talk about their failed pregnancy announcement, family support, and how that makes all the difference!

/ March 1, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 5 – I’m worried about childcare

For new parents, there are many things to consider and one of the most anxiety-ridden ones is childcare. Who can I trust to take care of my baby? It's a question that plagues Erica and Nicholas. Watch as they discuss...

/ March 7, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 6 – Birth of the unicorn baby

What's it like giving birth to the unicorn baby? It probably goes the way it went for Erica and Nicholas. They give answers to what a contraction feels like, how an epidural helps, and what's it like having your mother-in-law...

/ March 22, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 7 – We didn’t have a baby name ready

Erica and Nicholas didn't plan much ahead before their baby's arrival. They didn't want to find out the gender of the baby, they preferred it to be a surprise. So they didn't have any names picked, whether for a boy...

/ April 12, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 8 – Dealing with engorgement

New mom Erica talks about her painful experience with engorgement during the early weeks of breastfeeding her baby girl, Arria. Having been blindsided by it, she was desperate to try anything to be relieved of the pain. Seeking advice from...

/ May 2, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 9 – We don’t co-sleep with our baby girl

Co-sleeping is a choice new parents make based on their baby's needs and what's right for their family. Erica and Nicholas discuss their fears of having newborn baby girl, Arria, co-sleep and why they don't want to get her used...

/ June 21, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 10 – Our relationship has changed since having a baby

Having a baby together changes a couple's relationship in so many ways. Suddenly both find themselves responsible for another human being. In this episode, Erica and Nicholas discuss how they have evolved as a couple since having their baby girl,...

/ July 12, 2017