Category: Birth Story

Ali & Joe Ep. 7 – The 10 pound cutie

Child birth is a beautiful and powerful experience but also a stressful and difficult one. Ali and Joe talk about the 24 hour labor, the 10 pound baby she gave birth to, and how eggplant parm may have helped her...

/ February 7, 2017

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 7 – The forceps went flying

Athena's birth was not an easy one. Stephanie, Jarred and Jarred's mom, Mona explain the harrowing details of that day. They cover unhelpful doctors, tensions between family members and flying medical instruments.

/ February 10, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 6 – Birth of the unicorn baby

What's it like giving birth to the unicorn baby? It probably goes the way it went for Erica and Nicholas. They give answers to what a contraction feels like, how an epidural helps, and what's it like having your mother-in-law...

/ March 22, 2017

Laura & Sal Ep. 14 – Part 1 birth story: A failed induction

There are risks attached to a late term birth with twins so Laura and Sal, now over 39 weeks pregnant with twins, decide to go in for an induction. After 8 hours of laboring, Laura is only 4 centimeters dilated....

/ April 5, 2017

Laura & Sal Ep. 15 – Part 2 birth story: Twins! 7 pounds a piece

Even though the induction was ineffective in dilating the cervix, it did put Laura into labor. She and Sal made their second trip to the hospital after her water broke at home in the middle of the night. The birth...

/ April 6, 2017

Laura & Sal Ep. 16 – My baby aspirated what when she was born?

When Laura's water broke, she noticed tints of green in it which she recognized as something called meconium. After the birth of her twins, they found out that twin A, their baby girl Willow, had aspirated some of the meconium....

/ June 1, 2017