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Welcome to My Baby Way. We believe in a non-judgmental road to parenthood. We believe in the hard work it takes to have a baby. We don’t believe that there should be too many rules to being pregnant. And more importantly, we believe in the power of modern moms and dads. We understand that in the age of easily accessible pregnancy websites, apps, and support groups, sometimes it all just feels overwhelming. It seems like everyone: your mom, your dad, that nice old lady across the street, the cashier at the grocery store, that anonymous pregnancy blogger, all seem to have expert advice on how you should raise your kid. By sharing these stories from expecting moms and dads, all we can really hope for is that you learn something about yourself. We wish that through their experiences, you realize that pregnancy isn’t easy for anybody, that there are other people going through the same struggles. In the end, our dream is that you are inspired and uplifted by their stories, so that you too, can find your own baby way.

About My Baby Way series

My Baby Way is a web series that follows expecting families as they transition from pregnancy to parenthood. We will be updating the series periodically with new couples and new episodes! We are always looking for different stories and journeys through parenthood so if you love what we have done here and want to share yours, click HERE or “get in touch” via e-mail and you will hear back from us.

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