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Ali & Joe Ep. 2 – Nail salon truths

Having a community where moms and expecting moms can endlessly talk about all things baby is so important. Watch as Ali and her mom get pedicures and find a fellow mom in Colleen, their pedicurist, who has a 8 year-old...

/ February 6, 2017

Ali & Joe Ep. 4 – Grandparents have opinions

Everybody’s got advice for new parents. Sometimes it's for the better and sometimes it's for the worse. Ali and Joe talk about whether or not they're going to have a set parenting style and which of their parents is going...

/ February 6, 2017

Ali & Joe Ep. 14 – Parenting is harder than I thought

Ali and Joe share their perspectives on early parenting and what it's been like to take care of their newborn baby boy, Sebastian. Ali is weighed by the decisions you have to make as a new mother and the uncertainties...

/ May 25, 2017

Ali & Joe Ep. 15 – Try getting 4 month old to nap

With Ali's maternity leave over, her friends and family are taking turns watching Sebastian while she's at work. But each person has their own style with the baby and this can be distinctly seen when trying to get Sebastian to...

/ June 7, 2017

Ali & Joe Ep. 18 – I want a second child but without the pregnancy

In the final episode, Ali talks to her mom, Cheryl, about her thoughts on having a second child. They discuss what might be the right age gap between siblings and the differences between a first and second child. While Ali...

/ August 16, 2017

Bridget & Paul Ep. 3 – By 17 weeks we knew the gender and name

The moment you find out whether you're going to have a baby girl or boy is a momentous one. By 12 weeks, Bridget and Paul knew the gender and by 17 weeks, they had a name! See how they revealed...

/ February 16, 2017

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 3 – High dive time

More often than not, the day of birth is getting into "unknowns" for first-time expecting parents. And that first hospital tour can be very enlightening. Watch as Stephanie and Jarred talk about the things they learned at the tour and...

/ February 10, 2017

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 5 – Summer shower

There is nothing like a baby shower to bring a big family all together in one place again. Stephanie and Jarred go to Jarred's parent's house for the baby shower, where they meet family members, open presents, and get prepared...

/ February 10, 2017

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 7 – The forceps went flying

Athena's birth was not an easy one. Stephanie, Jarred and Jarred's mom, Mona explain the harrowing details of that day. They cover unhelpful doctors, tensions between family members and flying medical instruments.

/ February 10, 2017

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 8 – When I truly realized fatherhood

Jarred had never thought about having a kid, "it was never in the cards" for him. But when he found out Stephanie was expecting, he was on board! He did whatever it took to prepare for his baby girl. But...

/ February 10, 2017