Category: Couples

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 10 – Our relationship has changed since having a baby

Having a baby together changes a couple's relationship in so many ways. Suddenly both find themselves responsible for another human being. In this episode, Erica and Nicholas discuss how they have evolved as a couple since having their baby girl,...

/ July 12, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 13 – Has the baby changed our relationship?

Having a baby challenges a couple's relationship in significant ways. In this episode, new parents Erica and Nicholas discuss how they are dealing with the changes to their relationship with the addition of their baby girl, Arria. While it has...

/ October 12, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 14 – Why it’s important to have parent friends

With a new baby at home, it is hard to find time for a social life. But it is important to find some time for yourself outside of being a parent. It's also important to find a parenting community where...

/ November 1, 2017