Stephanie and Jarred – Ep. 11

Baby steals the spotlight

Jarred’s mom, Mona, says that “people gravitate towards babies.” Stephanie and Jarred are realizing this truth as they entertain guests coming to see their baby girl, Athena. It’s hard taking care of a newborn and adding visitors to the mix makes things harder. Stephanie has her own pet peeve: the baby is stealing her spotlight! While the baby is showered with gifts and attention, the mom is often ignored in the aftermath of the birth. And this is when a lot of support and help is really required.

More about the family

  • Stephanie: 31 Years Old
  • Jarred: 29 Years Old
  • Athena: 2 Weeks Old
  • Mona: Jarred’s Mother
  • Location: Boyds, MD
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