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Bridget & Paul Ep. 1 – Meet the parents

Having a pet pig in Jersey City is not the only interesting thing about Bridget and Paul. They both come from large, loving Argentinian families who have known each other many years. Growing up, their parents were friends and the...

/ February 16, 2017
Erica and Nicholas - EP. 1

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 1 – Meet the parents

Meet Erica and Nicholas, first time expecting parents living in New Jersey. Erica's family is from Nigeria and Nicholas is from Jamaica. The two met in their dormitory laundry room and have been together ever since. They are 39 weeks...

/ February 10, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 10 – Our relationship has changed since having a baby

Having a baby together changes a couple's relationship in so many ways. Suddenly both find themselves responsible for another human being. In this episode, Erica and Nicholas discuss how they have evolved as a couple since having their baby girl,...

/ July 12, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 13 – Has the baby changed our relationship?

Having a baby challenges a couple's relationship in significant ways. In this episode, new parents Erica and Nicholas discuss how they are dealing with the changes to their relationship with the addition of their baby girl, Arria. While it has...

/ October 12, 2017

Laura & Sal Ep. 11 – Dads need bonding time too

Paternity leave is a blessing for dads. Sal's circumstances were different with his first child and he wasn't able to take time off work. But this time he plans on doing things differently. Even though it is only two weeks...

/ February 14, 2017

Laura & Sal Ep. 17 – When our children met for the first time

Laura and Sal talk about the different approaches they tried to help their 3 year old, Aria, transition from being a single child to an older sister. While jealousy is a natural reaction, they wanted to make sure that the...

/ August 9, 2017