Category: New Parents

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 3 – High dive time

More often than not, the day of birth is getting into "unknowns" for first-time expecting parents. And that first hospital tour can be very enlightening. Watch as Stephanie and Jarred talk about the things they learned at the tour and...

/ February 10, 2017

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 7 – The forceps went flying

Athena's birth was not an easy one. Stephanie, Jarred and Jarred's mom, Mona explain the harrowing details of that day. They cover unhelpful doctors, tensions between family members and flying medical instruments.

/ February 10, 2017

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 8 – When I truly realized fatherhood

Jarred had never thought about having a kid, "it was never in the cards" for him. But when he found out Stephanie was expecting, he was on board! He did whatever it took to prepare for his baby girl. But...

/ February 10, 2017

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 10 – Nothing scarier than bathing a preemie

In their first few months, babies are extremely sensitive to temperature, making bathing one of the more terrifying experiences of early parenting. Now imagine if that baby was a preemie! Stephanie and Jarred give their ten day old baby girl,...

/ February 10, 2017

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 12 – Finding it hard to sleep train

Having crossed the difficult weeks following Athena's premature birth, Stephanie and Jarred discuss establishing a routine with their 4 month old baby girl, particularly in regards to sleep. They would like to try sleep training with Athena, but are finding...

/ April 25, 2017

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 13 – It’s become breastfeeding or nothing

When Athena was a newborn, she took to the bottle faster than the breast. She was born premature and the hospital had her start with bottle feeding, but Stephanie wanted her to be a breastfed baby. It took time to...

/ May 17, 2017

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 14 – The pressure from family to see baby all the time

Athena is Stephanie and Jarred's first child and their parents' first grandchild. Naturally, both sides of the families wish to spend as much time as possible with the new baby. But this has put additional stress on the new parents...

/ June 28, 2017

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 15 – School districts now take priority over nightlife

Stephanie and Jarred are finding out that their priorities have changed since becoming parents. They are getting ready to move out of their current home in search of their ideal house, but have new considerations like finding the best school...

/ July 26, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 5 – I’m worried about childcare

For new parents, there are many things to consider and one of the most anxiety-ridden ones is childcare. Who can I trust to take care of my baby? It's a question that plagues Erica and Nicholas. Watch as they discuss...

/ March 7, 2017

Erica & Nicholas Ep. 6 – Birth of the unicorn baby

What's it like giving birth to the unicorn baby? It probably goes the way it went for Erica and Nicholas. They give answers to what a contraction feels like, how an epidural helps, and what's it like having your mother-in-law...

/ March 22, 2017