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Bridget & Paul Ep. 3 – By 17 weeks we knew the gender and name

The moment you find out whether you're going to have a baby girl or boy is a momentous one. By 12 weeks, Bridget and Paul knew the gender and by 17 weeks, they had a name! See how they revealed...

/ February 16, 2017

Bridget and Paul Ep. 4 – Baby on the way so get planning

There are so many things to plan and organize when there's a baby on the way. Bridget and Paul discuss their maternity and paternity leave, childcare for when they have to go back to work, baby proofing their house and...

/ March 14, 2017

Bridget and Paul Ep. 5 – Examining choices in childbirth

You have nine months of pregnancy to wonder about childbirth; What is it going to be like? What are your choices? What are the different things that could happen? Bridget and Paul discuss their options, the ideal scenario, and that...

/ March 28, 2017

Bridget and Paul Ep. 6 – 7 months pregnant and I no longer share food

Bridget and Paul talk about their third trimester experiences and how quickly they are nearing their baby boy's due date. Each pregnancy is different and Bridget discusses being 28 weeks pregnant and some of the symptoms she's been experiencing. Often...

/ June 14, 2017

Bridget and Paul Ep. 7 – When you toddler asks when he can have a baby

Bridget and Paul discuss how they have been preparing Alexander for his baby brother and the 3 year old toddler has a thing or two to add about stepping into the role of big brother. Watch the episode to hear...

/ August 2, 2017

Bridget and Paul Ep. 8 – Why I’m keeping my birth plan open

Bridget and Paul, now 7 months pregnant and nearing the due date, discuss their thoughts on childbirth. Bridget talks about being informed and knowing her options, but does not wish to have a birth plan for the big day. She...

/ August 31, 2017

Stephanie and Jarred Ep. 1 – Meet the parents

Meet Stephanie and Jarred, first time expecting parents who live in Maryland. They met 10 years ago when Jarred was looking for a singer for his band, and the rest is history. They talk about Jarred's OCD and why they...

/ February 8, 2017

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 2 – What Mazzie taught us

One day, Stephanie and Jarred came home to find Mazzie, their dog, has made a huge mess of their apartment. A week later they found out Stephanie was pregnant. Coincidence? It was through Mazzie that Jarred realized he was ready...

/ February 8, 2017

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 3 – High dive time

More often than not, the day of birth is getting into "unknowns" for first-time expecting parents. And that first hospital tour can be very enlightening. Watch as Stephanie and Jarred talk about the things they learned at the tour and...

/ February 10, 2017

Stephanie & Jarred Ep. 4 – Permanent fat suit

It's no secret that pregnancy changes the body in different ways for different people. Stephanie talks about the physical transformation that she notices and how she is suddenly physically limited in the kinds of activities that she can do.

/ February 10, 2017