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Laura & Sal Ep. 8 – Home birth vs. hospital birth

Being a doula, Laura has a lot of insight about home births and hospital births and the pros and cons of each. While she had her first child, Aria, at home, she plans to have the twins at the hospital,...

/ February 14, 2017

Laura & Sal Ep. 9 – Symptoms of a twin pregnancy

Growing one baby inside you is tough, a twin pregnancy is bound to be tougher. Laura talks about the physical toll her body is going through from carrying twins. She has all the same pregnancy symptoms from her first time...

/ February 14, 2017

Laura & Sal Ep. 12 – Breastfeeding a toddler through a twin pregnancy

Laura is a postpartum doula, so she knows what to look for when breastfeeding. Although she is in new territory with breastfeeding twins, she talks about her faith in her body and her confidence in being able to exclusively breastfeed...

/ February 16, 2017

Laura & Sal Ep. 13 – Postpartum means lady pads in the freezer

Postpartum is often tougher than the actual pregnancy, what with taking care of a newborn and healing from giving birth. Laura went through a difficult postpartum period with her first which has now prepared her for the twins! Watch Sal...

/ February 16, 2017